Saturday, February 02, 2008

News Flash - It's Cold

Growing up we were never allowed to say,"I can't." My Dad would always respond, "Can't means won't." Sure it was annoying, but it instilled in us a "Can do" attitude. When my nieces would say that they couldn't do something, I would always parrot back, "Can't means won't."

Tomorrow is the half marathon. While I'm sure I can do it, I'm not sure I want to do it. Here are 5 good reasons to skip it.
  • It's cold and windy and rainy here. It's an unholy combination of bone chilling misery. Who thought February would be a good time to hold a race in San Francisco?
  • I've finally gotten over the cough I picked up last week.
  • We walked quite a bit today and my legs are a little tired.
  • Rest would be a good thing. I start training for the century ride this week and I'm doing another half marathon next Sunday.
  • If I do the half marathon it'll be a big inconvenience for everyone.
If I was smart, I'd simply skip this event. However, I'm no quitter. I'm may be stubborn as a mule and dumb as a bag of hair, but I'm tenacious about it. I've laid out all of my gear for the event. I'll take a look outside in the morning. If it really, really looks bad I'll skip the event.

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