Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Celebration of Cheese

Since Steve posted a photo of me in front of the celebration of cheese, I thought I'd offer a few words in my defense.

On the drive up the coast, Steve and I stopped for dinner at the Andersen's which claims to be Santa Barbara's Best Danish Restaurant & Bakery. (How many Danish Restaurant & Bakeries are there in Santa Barbara?)

For dinner I ordered the Celebration of Cheese. I like cheese, and yeah, I'm wiling to celebrate it. I was expecting a nice fruit and cheese plate. I was not expecting so much cheese that the table couldn't hold it all and they'd have to put the cheese on a lift like they do with pizza. There was so much cheese that they needed to have architecture to put it on the table - the downstairs was for croissants and breads. The upstairs was for Danish Havarti cheese, French Brie, Danish saga, blue cheese and some strawberries, oranges and pineapple.

I mean, I celebrate cheese and all of it's dairy brethren. I just didn't expect to receive an entire catering platter. I was in lactose heaven and it was delicious.

But I have one question. Why no Gouda?

Celebration of Cheese

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  1. Gouda is the perfect date cheese. Leaving it out is tragic. I appreciate the orgy of cheese.