Thursday, October 30, 2008

Postcard from Pennsylvania

I've been in Pennsylvania for a few days visiting my family. Some notes, in no order:
  • Phillies Phinally! After waiting 28 years, the Phillies deliver a World Series. It's pretty much Christmas x your birthday + 4th of July fireworks in all of Eastern Pennsylvania. A three day final game? Just a little more time to wait for the eventual win.
  • My nieces and nephew have gotten so much bigger in the last10 months. There's a new baby too. They are adorable, sweet and perfect. Also, they are little germ factories and I'm sick.
  • Living in California I've been insulated from the most hateful political ads since California is definitely Obama-land. Pennsylvania is a battleground state and the ads stink of desperation here.
Heading home to California tomorrow.

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