Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nike+ iPod nano = Suckage

I did my 13.1 miles to complete the Nike+ Women's Half Marathon. For the Nike+ Half Marathon, you need to run with the Ipod nano running kit. Here's the rub. My iPod nano locked up and had to be reset at about mile 10.5. The entire workout is gone from the nano's memory. I can verify that I did the workout, because I have it on my Garmin 205 - a product that does work reliably (unlike the POS iPod nano).

I bought the iPod nano specifically for the Nike+ Women's Half Marathon. Reading through the forums over at Nike+ it seems lots of people struggle getting these things to work. My nano is the new 8g and maybe that's part of the problem; maybe it wasn't fully tested. I'm not sure if it's the nano that sucks or the running kit that sucks. Maybe they just suck synergistically. All I know is there is some heavy duty suckage.

Honestly, when my nano crapped out, it really upset me. I was completely devastated and in tears. I was having a good run putting together some quality laps at Lake Miramar. Then the nano locked and it was all gone.

I tried to email Nike+ to get some help. When I clicked the email link at Nike+, this is the error message on the site.

Can you believe that - I'm not allowed to email unless the customer service agents are there. Gee, has Nike+ not learned that email can flow even if you're not there to read it. It will wait for you in your inbox?

Sad. Crappy, worthless and sad.

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