Monday, September 28, 2009

Who Needs A Hug and a Diet?

I'm just back from dropping my parents off at the airport. It was wonderful having them with me for a few weeks, but eventually they had to go back to their own lives. We did a ton of stuff while they were here, but mostly I just enjoyed having them with me.

There are two things that I dread about my parents leaving. One is that we all gain weight during their visit. Plus my folks have been traveling for awhile before coming to see me - Las Vegas, New Orleans. Those are some eatin' towns. My parents have a talking scale at their house. Imagine hopping on the scale and having it say "Good Morning." Then having it announce your weight to the tri-state area because it's so loud. We were all taking playful guesses at what the scale would say if we hopped on it. I think if I hopped on it would say "One at a time." In the words of Doctor Beck, "Oh, well."

The other thing I dread is the ride home after I take my folks to the airport. It's sad and I know that they won't be out to see me for a long while. Which makes me a teary mess, but what can you do? As I was driving home, I passed the HugNation RV which is usually parked down the street from my house. It always makes me smile.

Back to gym after work. Back to running. Back to a saner eating plan. Back home for my parents.

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  1. Took me a while to realize your parents weren't the ones driving the rv! Sounds like you guys had a great time together. That's wonderful!

    I'm still mulling over the Dallas Rock n Roll thing.