Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An Important Question In Travel

Lucky me, I'm spending a week at the Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz. It's not all fun and games; 5 of the 7 days are for business. However, this weekend it was just for fun. Steve was here and we got to spend time with family we don't see often enough.

There was one little snag. The resort lost power for about 24 hours this weekend. Some big piece of equipment blew and the utility company had to replace it. Just one of those things that happens, but it's easy to lose your perspective and be a jerk. When things go pear-shaped it's really important to take a deep breath and ask an important question which is "Am I being an ass?" More gently it's, "Am I making the situation better or worse?"

While most of us were going with the flow there were a few guests who were really rude. There was still plenty to enjoy - the hiking trails through the California redwoods (the photo is a deer who hopped that fence and walked along with me for a bit), tennis, views to the Pacific Ocean. Plus there was the added bonus of free lodging, free bar and free food since the hotel comped everything available. They didn't have a full kitchen; however, they served a very lovely breakfast buffet for every guest for free. It wasn't exactly the swanky buffet the Chaminade is known to serve, but it was great.

Then there were the obnoxious types. There was one guy demanding an additional free weekend with unlimited free spa services. And of course, he should be allowed to invite more guests who could hop on his entitlement gravy train. That's being an ass.

Kudos to the resort staff who continued to be low key and gracious in difficult circumstances. They calmly handed out flashlights and helped wherever they could. And cheers to the vast majority of guests who endured a bit of disruption without making the situation worse. Boo to those few folks who couldn't behave in a non-asslike manner.

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