Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Found - The Most Elusive Rash Guard

Oh sweet bliss, I finally found a rashie that fits me.

I'm back in the pool these days which means I need to wear a lot of sun protection. For months, I've been looking for a decent rash guard shirt to wear in the pool. Rash guards are the shirts worn by surfers and other water nymph types to protect their skin from sand and chaffing. The bonus is most rashies offer 50 to 150 SPF sun protection.

The rub (or maybe the squeeze) is that rashies fit skin tight and they are sized incredibly small. Take this quote:
Rash guards are supposed to fit skin-tight so they run small - typically 1-2 sizes smaller than you normally wear. The model pictured is 5'6" tall, weighs 130lbs, wears a 36B, has a 28" waist and is wearing a size LARGE that you can see fits SKIN TIGHT - as it's supposed to! (Caps and exclamation points are their fault, not mine.)
If a 36B is pushing the maximum capacity of the size large, then what is a girl with bigger breasts supposed to do? The mens rash guard are too boxy to fit correctly and don't accommodate hips. Generally the boobaluscious are also hiptastic.

Today I bopped into Sports Authority to scope out the end of summer sales. and behold, Body Glove has looser fit rashies. (Not available on the Sports Authority website for some reason.) Of course they weren't on sale, but I wasn't about to let the elusive boob/hip fitting rashie slip through my fingers.

Wore it to the pool today and it was awesome. Plus, my décolletage isn't going to look like an old football when I'm swimming at the Senior Citizens Center.


  1. décolletage is one of my favorite words!

    thanks. :)


  2. Ok I have never even heard of anything like a rashie. See, you learn something knew everyday!

    Enjoy the pool!