Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Despite Watching Dr. Who, I'm Not A Time Lord

Training Plan 
 I Did               
1 Hour -
Easy Pace 

30 Minutes
Haulin' butt
45 Minutes -
Easy Pace 

20 Minutes
Haulin' butt
Planned Time: 
90 minutes
Actual Time: 
120 minutes           
I'm using a training plan that says I'll be ready for a half Ironman with just 12 hours per week.

That, my friends, is a big lie.

It might only take 12 hours of actual training, but it takes time to pack your gym bag, drive to the gym, shower, get redressed.  That doesn't even start to count all the time spent on bike maintenance and shopping for cute triathlon suits.  It's not the training; it's all the stuff you need to do to prepare and recover from training that's a giant time suck.

Plus, sometimes you hit a time chomping snag.  Today, my gym bag was all packed, but when I got the gym I realized I forgot my running shoes.  I need those.  That meant a 30 minute round trip to fetch something that I'd put right next to my gym bag.

Time for me is very limited.  Whenever I screw up my preparation, that means time I need to chop that time out of my training.  I'm going to keep a tight watch on how much time this is taking.  It's time I take from my family, my work, volunteering (remember when I did that!).  That's not a reason to give up on this goal, but I want to be conscious about the decision. 

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