Saturday, March 03, 2007

Two Digits

10 Miles! That's 2 digits people.

Oh, and we started at 7am. We'll be starting at 7am for every Saturday until the marathon. Are you kidding me - I can't get to work at 9am. Why do you hurt me Team in Training. Why? I wanted to stop at my neighborhood Starbucks on the way to the training, but it wasn't even open yet. I'm now out and about on a Saturday, before Starbucks is open. That's not right, yo.

We started out with a timed mile to determine our pace. I think I may be doing this marathon for 10-12 hours. That's an exaggeration, but I really wanted to be much faster.

It was a really nice trail in Carmel Valley, but there were horses. And where you have horses you have dookie. So we spent a fair bit of time trying to sidestep the piles. Of course, I do love the earthy smell of horses. Other people think horses are stinky, but it doesn't bug me at all.

All three of us had taken the entire week off from training - they had been sick and I was working like a fiend. Choosing to do the full 10 miles might not have been super smart. We were good until the last 2 miles. Then we just got slower and s l o w e r. It wasn't nearly as bad as Lake Miramar, but we were slow. The entire last mile we stopped talking so you know we must have been dragging.

Breakfast at Pacifica made it better. You know, I really like these women. They're funny and smart. I love the workouts. I love the cause. But mostly I love that I've gotten to know some really special people through this experience.