Friday, March 23, 2007

And This Is Where You Start Paying - In SWEAT

I am the slug of all slugs. I missed last Saturday's training session. My sister came to visit and Friday we went to Disneyland - whee! But we didn't get back to San Diego until 2am - boo! So that 7am training session was not going to happen. Honestly I have done sessions when I'm tired and it's just not any fun at all. I'm too old and too stubborn to be doing things that I don't enjoy.

For those of you following along at home - most of last week I slacked because my sister was in town and most of this week I slacked because I was traveling and trying to catch up on work from last week. Two weeks ago I slacked because I was traveling. Who sees a pattern? Oh, and since I'm starting a new graduate class I'll be missing 4 training sessions between now and June 3. And yet, I still believe that I will complete the marathon.

Tomorrow morning it's 13 miles in La Jolla - that's nearly half of a marathon. Tomorrow evening my legs and butt will be bound to the couch by the ties of soreness.