Saturday, March 10, 2007

Moonlight Beach

Another week of mostly skipped workouts. I had to blow through Fort Worth this week - when I travel it's always tough to squeeze in a workout. However, I did get to see the DFW peeps which was better for my heart than any cardio.

Today was our workout at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. It was eleven, beautiful miles of cool ocean breezes. I'd never been anywhere that was so stuffed with surfers - old dudes, kids, everything between - all walking around in their wetsuits. Wetsuits are either incredibly sexy or just ridiculous.

The air was so cool and crisp that the warmth of my face was fogging up my sunglasses. Even the 7am starting time didn't really bother me. I mean I was late and all, but I wasn't too bothered by getting out of bed.

One thing that I've changed, is that I super-hydrate on Friday and I think it really helps. I also try to add some more carbs. Today, I could have easily gone another mile. We had a blast today and our pace was consistently strong. In the past we've maintained a good pace for the first few miles then slowed down a lot for the last few miles. Today our pace was consistent right up until the last mile.

The team breakfast was at Swami's Cafe. Yummy in that wheatgrassy, Açaí berry way. Feel the health.