Monday, March 05, 2007

When You're a Girl...

Tonight was the team bra fitting. Actually, it was the down and dirty story of the marathon. As in - where do I go to the bathroom during the race? (Bush, tree, bridge abutment - or wait for a port-o-let.) Where do you carry tampons? (In a plastic baggy in your race shorts. Plastic baggy is essential so you can dump water on yourself and not destroy the tamps.) The thing about women is that our bodies freak out when we hit puberty so we're used to asking each other about this stuff.

Oh, did I mention that this was at San Diego Running Institute. And who do I see but the sales guy I flashed when buying my running shoes. My thighs and my boobs - I think that might count as third base! Actually, you can tell these guys have seen all this a million times and they do not care.

Then we got to the fun. First we were all measured for bras. Then we got to select a few for try-on. There are two running bra styles: the uniboob (compression) or a home-of-their-own (encapsulation). I like the home-of-their-own style. Then we all jammed into the communal dressing room and started trying on bras and swapping them between us. Trust me, it wasn't as sexy as it sounds.

I ended up with an underwire sports bra in mesh - super breezy, not stick to the body mesh. It's the Moving Comfort Cara Bra. I won't be pulling off my top and running it just my bra, but I think it's probably a great fit. I also bought some Injinji running socks with special toes. And I bought some Body Glide to prevent chaffing in case the bra rubs.

Whoever said all I'd need is a pair of shoes is full of crap. Eventually, it's all about shopping.