Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sandcastle Competition

On Sunday Debbie and went to the 27th Annual U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition in Imperial Beach. Debbie is sort of the Ambassador of Greater San Diego. If something fun is happening Debbie knows about it and is gathering a group of friends to go enjoy the event.

On the way to the festival we took a detour to visit ComicCon. ComicCon was a complete madhouse in a good way. I'm not a fan of the graphic novels or SciFi, but next year I'm definitely going to ComicCon. Of course, I'll need some sort of costume. I may even invent my own Superheroine and Superpowers for the event.

After the visit to ComicCon, we were off to the Sand Castle Competition. There are amateur and professional classes of competitors and there are 2 person and 10 person teams. Perhaps you're wondering how you get to be a professional Sand Castle Builder; I'm wondering too, but I couldn't find an answer. The teams have 5 hours to build, then a few hours later the tide washes it all back into the Pacific.

Some of the castles weren't castles at all; it was more like sand sculptures. The competitors had built full scenes out of sand and water and sometimes a bit of food coloring. Sand Octopuses, Sand Dolphins, Sand Penguins - you name it, someone had sculpted it. There was one sand sculpture that had some of the big landmarks of California. That sculpture was truly awesome. Another team created a giant wedding cake. During the judging two people hopped on top of the cake and got married - for real! That's commitment to winning the competition.

My favorite entry was a parody of Mt. Rushmore. Before I even got close to it, I knew it was my favorite since it had its own crowd control. Outside of the sculpture, the team had roped off a walkway with arrows and signs to route you from the front of the sculpture to the back. It was a goofy idea and it was beautifully executed.

The builders of the Mount Rushmore sculpture were some funny guys. They were kind enough to pose for a photo with me and my enormous sun hat. That hat is wider than my shoulders. You can move me to Southern California, but you can't make me tan.

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  1. What a grand photo! It's so you, my dearie.