Thursday, September 20, 2007

Scotland Revisited

Gosh, beautiful.This post is just for my traveling compadres. Whenever I think of the Scotland trip, I think of how Carla once described it: "The perfect mix of people, places and personalities. I wouldn't change a thing. It's too bad we could never duplicate it." She's right. That trip was an absolute gift. Roger, Carla, Leia, Ru, me, John

It's hard to believe how different all our lives are from three years ago when we took that trip. There have been so many good things - 6 marriages, 1 baby one the way, at least 10 job changes, 3 major moves. Sadly there was also the passing of our fabulous host, tour guide and raconteur - Ru's father.

I'm going to steal a little bandwidth from Larry's server and link inCupping my bum, and biting something else!  No wonder his dad is hiding. a few pics. He'll forgive me. (I hope!)

The first photo is practically a postcard photo that Roger took of Dunnottar Castle outside Abedeen.

The second photo is a bunch of us at Dunnottar.

The third photo is all of us in a pub in Oban. Ru's mom is in the shot, but his dad is sort of hidden. And is Ru cupping my bum? IRoger, Ru, Me and John don't remember that!

Photo 4 is one Larry took of me and the other boys.

The fifth photo is one of Carla and I. I love this photo so much. I had that photo posted next to my desk in my office for a long time.

The last photo is one we asked a stranger to snap for us. It was our last night in London, just before we hopped on the London Eye. If you look closely you can see that I'm wearing the crazy sandals that Tina and I bought in London. I'm still wearing mine, Tina!
my evil twin and I
It was a great trip. I miss you guys.

P.S. To my Scotland Trip Compadres: There are planes that fly from where y'all are to San Diego. Come visit me!


  1. Yes, great pics and great memories. The pic of you and I is especially great because it's where "This one's filled with pee" took place. I still laugh tears when I think of it. The perfect moment in so many ways.

    You my dear, are also sorely missed!!

  2. the first trip I'm planning once we've moved back is a visit out to see sparkler! (of course, I didn't go on the Scotland trip so I'm not sure I'm invited. doesn't matter. I'm still coming.) :D