Friday, June 20, 2008


My favorite race of the year was last weekend, the IronGirl 10K. I did they inaugural event last year and it was fantastic. I liked it so much that I drafted a whole slew of women to do the event with me this year: TNT alumni, friends, and even some Striders.

This year the course started on the Del Mar Race track. The horse track surface is strangely cushioned. It's really soft on your joints, but a bit like running in sand. Either way, it was neat to get to run along the famed horse track. Also, we got to watch ourselves cross the start line on the Jumbo-tron which was cool.

Unfortunately, it was a hot day. I just don't do well in the heat at all. Also, they changed the water station layout from the course map. They moved the water stations to the turn around points which was a bummer, because it effectively meant that there was one less water station on course. I had plenty of hydration mix in my water belt, but some water to pour on me to cool off would have been great. Instead, I got sick just before the water station. Damn heat.

Everyone hates the heat, but other people don't seem to suffer the way I do. I'm going to research how to increase my tolerance of hot weather. Maybe I should be training in warmer conditions.

Other than my bout of heat sickness, it was a fun event. I was happy to collect my medal and see my friends all along the course.

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  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for the heads up, hopefully I'll get 5 passes.

    As for heat, its hard. It often seems to be a mind over matter thing, and I always try and pour water over the back of my neck to cool me down when I'm out in the heat.

    I do think that heat training works though, we were out in 100 degree heat in east county and then 90 degrees on the death ride didnt even bother me.

    Having said that, some people just dont do well with the heat full stop.