Sunday, June 15, 2008

Off to an Annoying Start

Grrr. I went to meet my new running group, the San Diego Striders, at the scheduled time and location. Unfortunately the coach decided to change the starting time to be a half hour earlier. At the team meeting on Wednesday I heard her say she be adjusting the times during the summer to have us running before the heat of the day. What I didn't hear her say is that the hand out she'd just given me listed the wrong time for the first session.

One of the other coaches was there and said I could still run if I wanted. However, the route was a 6 mile out and back along Camino Del Rio Road. It's a boring, ugly road that runs right next to US Highway 8. Who doesn't love running in a cloud of exhaust fumes?

I declined the offer to run there and decided to go run at Balboa Park instead. Luckily a few miles into my run and bumped into my normal training group. They were scheduled for 9 miles and I was only scheduled for 6. I pretty much ran the first 6 and walked the remainder. Also, since I was only planning for 6 miles, I didn't take along any nutrition - by the time I got to the Embarcadero I was already feeling hungry. By the end of the run I was shaky/weak. Lesson learned, always pack something.

We did a challenging course for a short distance - Balboa Park, downtown San Diego, up the Convention Center steps, around the Embarcadero, through Little Italy and the up-up-up the canyon hill back to the Park. Take note San Diego Striders - this is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. There's no need to be running along ugly stretches of highway.

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