Monday, June 09, 2008

Other Than The Dirt, It's As If I Never Left

Our vacation is complete. :(

We wrapped it up with a 10 hour marathon drive home from Eldorado National Forest. That drive was actually not as bad as it sounds. It allowed me to slowly shift gears from vacation-no-phones-no-work-communications mode to real-life mode. Not that I wanted to shift gears, but it had to be done.

Three random notes -
  • This year our only camping purchases were an air mattress and a coffee percolator. Both were highly valued. Next year, I'm buying a camp shower (stall optional). Grime and I do not belong together. I loved the place where we camped. However, there was a lot of loose dirt at the campsite and our feet were absolutely filthy after a few days of walking around in flip flops and river sandals. My feet were so filthy on the way home that I was almost too ashamed to enter Starbucks for my first Americano in four days. On the trip home when I wasn't driving I was trying to de-grime my tootsies.
  • Also, the loose dirt did a number on the interior of my truck. We had to reload all the food and coolers into the truck each night to prevent those sneaky bears from snacking on our food. I must make an appointment to get the car interior detailed.
  • During vacation I did not have any neck pain. That's a big deal because I'd slept in hotel beds, camp cots and air mattresses. I was back at my desk for 15 minutes and BAM - my neck was completely locked. It's not fair.

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