Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot 100 - Week 5 BRRRR Edition

Time for the week t check-in with South Beach Steve's Hot 100.

Weekly Goals



No wheat or potatoes Sunday – Thursday.

Missed by a country mile. A family celebration and 2 days of business travel made this challenging. The real problem is that I didn't plan ahead for a celebration and 2 days of travel. I'm going to try to do some better meal planning with Steve to get both of our nutrition plans back in gear.

Hill or Interval training every week.

Not really.

Each week do 2 sessions each of Upper Body and Core.

Some upper body and core on Monday and Tuesday, but not enough to meet the standard.

Year End Goals


Prepare to run a personal best at either the San Antonio or Las Vegas Half Marathon.

I'm planning to run 12 miles on Sunday. I missed 2 days of workouts with the travel. I did pack my running gear, but the workdays bled out to 12-14 hour days. That doesn't leave time for workouts. I need to do a better job of holding my workout time as sacred.

Lose 15 lbs (bumped up from 10)

The scale is mocking me. I have a great week in week 4 and held steady. I have a bad week in week 5 and lose half a pound.

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  1. I knew when I read the title this was going to be a rough report. The thing is, you realize it, and you know what you have to do to change it. Now let's make the next ten days an awesome ten days!