Monday, November 30, 2009

Sofa Time

We spent an outstanding amount of time on the couch this weekend.  Steve and I rarely have that luxury.  One of us is always traveling, working, racing, training, fundraising, mentoring or volunteering.  There's precious little time to hang out and relax.  It wears on both of us; Steve tends to get little colds and I just get grumpy.

This weekend it rained a bit on Friday and it was windy on Saturday; therefore, neither one of trained.  Yes, I know.  I'm a delicate flower who won't train unless the weather is perfect.  Whatever, it was time on the couch.

The couch has become the couch of controversy.  We're trying to figure out who's furniture to keep since Steve is letting go of his place and moving into our house. (Did you notice how I slipped that in there all subtle-like?)  We're in the midst of trying to decide how to put our two households into one little bungalow.

Unrelated - the photo is some flowers that are on the dining room table.  Have you ever seen roses a more spectacular color?


  1. THe flowers are beautiful. I love how fresh cut flowers just light up a room.
    Good for you for taking some down time, it's nice when life gets to crazy to just sit back and relax a little.

  2. Syl, I agree. Flowers in the house alway make me feel so much happier.

    Have a great, if chilly, run.

  3. it’s simple and sweet…… Sofas are simply amazing.

  4. Yeah, I'm glad he's moving in! I'm glad you're happy!