Thursday, May 05, 2011

Finishing the Swimming Week

My occasional, nagging worry is that I'm simply not training enough to complete a half Ironman.  How is working out for two hours a day going to prepare me for a seven hour race?

On Sunday, I figured it out.  This training plan works in week long blocks.  For one week you do a specific workout repeatedly without days off for recovery.  Last week it was swimming.  That's fun on Monday and Tuesday.  Then the daily fatigue accumulates and by the end of the week, you're training on some tired muscles.  

On Sunday, I swam the slowest two mile swim in the history of universe.  It took me over an hour. I was swimming every lap almost 12 seconds slower than I swam earlier in the week.  But I completed it and trained through the fatigue.  That's what's getting me prepped for race day.

The swim took so long, that my SPF100 Sport sunscreen washed away.  Now I have a butt like the Coppertone baby.

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