Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recovery Week - Oh How I Loved Thee!

Last week was recovery week and I needed it.  I was still working out, but an hour a day, sometimes less.  Good times.

My body is still needing gobs of sleep.  I think that's partly getting older and partly just diggin' my mattress time.  I feel so bad for Steve, because he gets much less sleep than I do.  I'm absolutely the queen of mean when I don't get enough rest.  Workout?  Not unless you count throwing a fit.

With 8 weeks to go, this whole half Ironman thing is starting to seem like a realistic goal.  I could actually do this race within the allowed time frame.  I'm trucking along on the training plan, picking off each workout.  And every workout - even the tough ones - is a confidence builder.  

Me, a Iron Distance Triathlete.  Imagine that.

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