Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bad Service

I don't have a bike. We were supposed to get fitted for bikes yesterday. A combination of a late meeting, having to go to Carlsbad to pick up race packets, and horrendous traffic meant that we were super late and super frustrated when we finally got to the bike shop.

When we got there, they could only fit one of us - actually that's complete BS. There were 6 people working and no other customers for an hour. They could have easily fit both of us, but the chose not to do so. Fine. We were late. My fault, I accept accountability. However, watching 4 "salesmen" stand at the counter chatting was a drag. Particularly because I'm trying to buy gear too. Even if they refused to fit me for the bike, it wouldn't have killed them to get my helmet, pedals, cleats and shoes together. Hey buddy, how about you go into the stockroom and find these bike shoes in my size.

I called today to see about getting a fitting. Turns out - no fitting Saturday or Sunday. Only fittings Monday, Wednesday or Friday during the business day. I have to take time off from work to go spend bucket loads of cash with these people.

That's is spellbindingly crappy customer service. I'll buy the bike there, if I can't find it in another shop. However, it's the last dollar I'll spend there. I'll hit another bike shop today to buy my shoes, gloves and helmet.

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  1. I agree. Poor customer service. They shouldn't make it so hard to spend money at their store.