Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ten Mile Training Session

Noel, Steve and I headed out for a 10 mile session yesterday. The timing was less than ideal, because we're doing the Carlsbad Half Marathon next Sunday. This should have been a back down week for us. We should have done our 10 mile session last Saturday. Unfortunately, we had pretty miserable storms last week so we had to ditch the training session.

We debated it a bit, but eventually decided that we needed a long training session before Carlsbad. My last long session was the Pasadena Half Marathon in early December. Tiredness be damned, I needed the miles.

It was a surprisingly good session. I planned the map for a flat, fast course through Coronado Island. (Kudos to Map My Run which is a great site for runners.) We were able to maintain a really nice pace for the entire training session. I was tired after the training, but it was a better session than I expected.

I'm ready for the Carlsbad race.

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