Thursday, July 12, 2007


My pal Zeke came by my office and suggested the I run the Iron Girl 10K with him. He's a marathon/medal junkie - and the Iron Girl has a very cool finishers medal.

It turns out that men aren't allowed to participate in the Iron Girl. I don't agree with that. It's good to a have athletic events that empower women, but I don't see excluding the penis-bearers as empowering to women. It just seems dumb to me, but apparently it works for lots of women.

So Zeke isn't going to do Iron Girl, but he put the idea in my head. Now I'm torn on whether to my standard Team In Training session that Saturday or the Iron Girl.

Training with my friends and training parters
Longer distance - 12 miles (TNT) versus 10K (Iron Girl)
Hill training which I'll need for the Nike marathon in October
TNT location is very close to my house; Iron Girl is 30 minutes away in Solano Beach
Can sleep later on that Saturday morning
Pancake breakfast after training - possibly at the Big Kitchen Cafe

Pro-Iron Girl
Cool event name
Niffy finishers medal
Great event jersey

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  1. for a girl who knows how to make a 'vee line slimming trash bag'...i say cool jersey wins! it's all about the clothes!!!