Monday, July 02, 2007

This Time I Didn't Get a Bracelet

Not such a great week for marathon training I have to admit. In fact, I've done absolutely nothing - Doctor's orders.

Last Saturday's trip to the ER was for a very painful knee. Actually, before I went to the ER I called the "Ask an RN" hotline for my insurance. The RN said, "Hmmm. Marathon? That's trauma. Go to the ER." When I got there, the doctor took a look at my chart and said, "Oh, you did a marathon. Overuse. Tx - Rest, Ice and Advil."

I was pretty sure it wasn't anything serious, but I went in for my follow up visit today. I'll be in Physical Therapy for the next few months. However, the doctor is confident that I can do the marathon in October.

Until I get the all clear from PT, it's cross training for me.